• Back at home, my sister Dian, shocked me when she admitted that she went to Bandung and visited the Artepolis conference on the last day: the day I left for school. She just graduated, and was enjoying her time off from school –lucky girl. We didn’t contact each other during the holidays, hence I can’t accuse her for purposely pissing me off like I always do. She was also disappointed that she couldn’t see me being ‘independent and mature’ when working for the conference.

    She told me that Alma and Dania accompanied her throughout the conference. Dania shared a lot to her about to the conference –to the extent that she ruined my sister’s birthday surprise by unintentionally telling her about the craft notebook I bought her for her birthday.

    As one of the participant of the Artepolis Conference, Dian received a goody bag, containing all the souvenirs from the conference. I was more thrilled than her to have that particular bag in my house. My memories couldn’t help overflowing from what that black postman bag contains:
    There was the “ Artepolis Proceedings” CD, imperfectly labeled.

    The revisable black-and-orange poster I spent hours to fold and sort.

    There was one of the 300 certificates my uncle signed continuously, and Raras printed carefully.

    There was the nametag of Dian’s name, which the front desk people probably wrote on.

    There was the Program and Abstracts Book which Echa, Maya, and I deliberately insert into each goody bag –hundreds of them.

    The folded Bandung heritage sites map which Alma and I was supposed to give out during a city tour section.

    And last but not least, The orange pin I had to tuck into my shirt everyday for identity recognition. This time, blank and nameless.


    The nostalgia didn’t stop there. At school, me and my friends were busy sharing what we did on our summer break.

    “ I was a Liaison Officer for an international creativity conference in Bandung” I told them, in a slightly bragging manner.

    “Ooh.. That’s cool…”

    “I bet you haven't got the slightest idea what that is”

    “No, I’ve got no idea. "
    "What is a Liaison? "
    "I saw your facebook photos, were you dancing?"
    "And tell me: why the hell are you dressed like a blue power ranger out there?”

    God, help me.

    These intriguing forces made me realize that I can’t afford to lose any bit of this memories. Hence, shortly after I arrived back from school, I opened my laptop and began to attempt what became my latest prototype, to contribute to my grand mission: to preserve memories for another thousand years.