• Readers, and passerby's! I am the devil! By which I mean that its taken me far to long to get this next post up. I have had a severe case of Arse Cancer. Yes, Arse Cancer, I could go on explaining the horrible dysentery that it caused me, OR I could write a review. Here's a quicky from me to you:

    Now that has been addressed.... STREETLIGHT MANIFESTO

    If you haven't heard this band yet then you might be a complete social recluse and you should hate yourself more than me (see what I did there?). Although this band is technically considered to be under the musical genre of third-wave ska, there sound has much more range then that of a regular ska band like Reel Big Fish or The Cat Empire. I'll probably have a post up soon (or possibly later) going more into detail on the ska genre.

    For those of you that just can't wait, however, you might want to check google

    Streetlight's first album is a re recording of Tomas Kalinoki's (lead singer/front man)
    album that recorded with his former band, Catch 22 (they still exist they just aren't as good). This album sounds much more like a high school garage band (with higher production value and really good writing). Each progressive album following Keasby Nights(should have said that earlier) showcases notable changes in the bands musical ability and tends to show more depth lyrically. If I were to give a suggestion on which album to start with I would have to go for there most recent album Somewhere in the Between. Although it is the least ska sounding it is technically the bands best album yet. If I had to chose a specific song to show you it would be this one:

    SIDENOTE: Tomas Kalinoki has a side project called Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution, They have only released one EP back in 2001 (not counting 99 sounds of the acoustic revolution, which will not be talked about ever..) The band shows more range then Streetlight Manifesto, but also has a softer acoustic sound that is upbeat and triumphant simultaneously.


    Neutral Milk Hotel, an experimental folk group that released two albums; one in 1996 and another in 1998. I highly suggest checking them out. You can also expect these guys to have a more in depth review in the future.

    You can expect to see more frequent reviews from me so feel free to leave comments, shtuff you want to see reviewed in the future, information I'm wrong about, you phone number ^__~ (the last one was a joke)