• all i wanted was a fallen wish today my wish came true.
    in gaia towns i was being a grunny and i started talking to a girl.
    she said she wanted a grunny, i had lots of gaia cash to buy one more.
    i said i`m saving for a fallen wish, the girl said she had one.
    i got her a grunny a sent it to her and i waited for my fallen wish.
    i never got my fallen wish so i looked for the girl.
    she was in the rally, when she saw me she hid behind another girl.
    this made me mad. this girl used me to get her something she herself could buy.
    i got mad at her and asked her to give me the fallen wish. fine fine fine thats all she said.
    and then she was gone, i waited for my fallen wish but i never got it.
    i found her again but she saw me first by this time i was burning with anger i wanted to call
    her bad names but i just said i give up....
    if i see this girl again i won`t talk to her not again
    i messed up don`t do the same

    i`m looking. i`m waiting