Today was the day Mark Colin and Judie Kin were rewcrewted as S.T.A.R.S members.The two were sent on a mission on the day of November 2, 1997. The objective was to get back a fellow member he would then tell them there next mission. Judie decided to look out the window and saw very unusal thing for a town of Pitsburg. All of a sudden a dog looked at her with blood on his sharp fangs. She freak out a little and told Colin," Why's is that dog eating the poor man thats not normal for animals to do such cruel things. Colin just responded," You crazy theres is nothin in the city that has gone bad for the world ". She got pissed off that he wouldn't listen to what shes saying. After the long while they arrived to there destination. As soon as they observed the place the city had gone chaotic. They had gone on a building to find the man who they were looking for. When he came out he asked them were's there ID to know if it was really them. Out of the blue, strange noises were being heard from outside. Since they heard those disturbing sounds Colin was thinking that Judie was right about the dog inncedent. From the open window they all saw hideous people all sorts of colors. The three were suspecting the undeads back and hungry for humans.The only thing sucked that each one of them had only 60 bullets,1 first aid spray, a knife. and 1 flash gernade. It was to late for them to preperation the zombies had already broke through the window and all of screamed," NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO".