• I was so in love with him. I was so willng to give him everything so I did. I loved him more than anything little did I know that was just his charm pulling me so he could use me. I didn't resist. I let him use my body and play my emotions. Even now I am still addicted him and it is sad how he will tell me anything to keep me with him. I am trapped in misery. Forced into love by a boy that wants nothing more than to have sex with me and then leave me in the dust when he finds someone new or better. I am trapped by his lies and his manipulative ways. I am forever trapped in misery.
    It kills me to be so falsely in love with him. I am engaged and wanting to so desperately move on with my life but I can't. No matter how hard I try he always pull me back. I hate being trapped, I hate being trapped on this emotional leash that is slowly killing me. Sadly I will never be able to escape. I am forever trapped in misery.