• Papa, do you remember what you said to me?
    I remember because it was a very special saying that kept my head high when you weren't around. "Life is a Cycle, so recycle. Water is like air to your skin, so shower stinky. Air is for you to live, so don't give hope." You always made me laugh with your sense of humor and now all your friends says i have that humor too. They say i have everything of yours; eyes, mouth, nose even ears, is that why mommy treats me wrong? I wonder of that a lot, the reason why my life was so stress was because you said goodbye and left to Heaven. Not to worry Papa, i'm going to be a strong woman like you said i would be. I'm going to make your dreams come true, so please keep watching over me. I look back on all our times together, remembered when we use to sing karaoke together. . and you would do that funny deep voice, that made me laugh until i cried. . .and when i cried you would come hug me and say those special words. . "it's ok baby girl, tell me who i need to beat up now?" Then i would laugh and smile. . and when i smiles you would tell me i look so beautiful. .so i should keep smiling even through the bad times so people can be happy. When i was happy, was when you were here. I wanted to tell you this before you left papa. Papa, thank you for being such a great support, i'm glad to have you as my papa, even if i was a mistake child. ,in your eyes, i was important. . you showed me love no one ever has and i miss it a lot but i know you're not far from me, your always in my heart. and papa. .i love you and miss you dearly.