• I do remember the crying,
    locking myself up,
    sleeping in all the time,
    those thoughts...

    those tiny, little thoughts of death.

    Nothing makes sense.
    Life is meaningless.
    What's the point of being here?
    why, Why, WHY?!
    Life is too hard, too cruel, too complicated.
    It's sick.
    People, humans are sick.
    Look at what they do, they say,
    look at this mess they've, we've created.
    No one cares, no one gives a sh*t about anything.

    And me, I'm worthless
    I hate it.

    But I still went on...
    Forever in despair, almost... gone
    Until it happened.
    I took a leap, on accident, in rebellion.

    And they saw, they saw me.
    I denied everything,
    I'm okay. I know I have problems.
    I don't need to tell you.

    ...I want to tell you, but it's hard, so hard.

    But they, he kept asking.

    And I broke down.

    And they fell in love.

    Just like I did.

    You're so beautiful, can't you see?

    But so are you.