• I know by the time you get this message, it'll be too late

    i broke up with you because i felt torchered and my heart had cracked in two, you wasnt tlking to me, and whn i asked annamae how the past relationships u had, she told me tht your were the one always getting dumped, and soon you'd ignore someone and thats how you broke up with jade

    remember whn i sed to you whn we brake up i hope we will still b friends?

    i dont know why you stoppped tlking to me mayb it was because of wednesday, whn i said i didnt want you at the gym - the honest reason was becus i didnt want you to see me all hot and sweaty, so i guess to get back at me you cancelled last minute on me on thursday, becus ur mom had work - but heres the thing in the past six months we were together you never said tht b4. then on friday i was already peed off tht u didnt come round to mine becus i thaught you was with dylan, jade and syd, thn to topp it off u ignored me for black ops, and i was jelous. so as repayment i irgnored you in form time, then you ignored me next lesson and we ignored each other for the rest of the day, then to top it all off you didnt wnt to wlk wiv me at home time, you wnted to wlk with dylan instead, and at tht moment i knew something was up - but i dont know wat, have u another girl lined up? thn u asked me if u wntd to meet up saturday, but i sed no cus i thaught you might wnt some guy time to cool off, - mayb we'd seen to much of each other? IDK. this was tit for tat really. i did one thing thn u did one thing to get bak at me. but i still sed we meet sunday for town, you sed ye (tht nyt i got no sleep and cried my eyes out, i regret being so hard on you, i wnt everything to be fine between us again) so i rang you tht nyt and u didnt wnt to know me on the phone. at the end of saturday i texted ' mornin x' trying to sound nice, then i texted you y u not replying, thn i texted you to see if you was coming intot town (i was going crazy at this point, i didnt know where i stood with you) so as a result i rang you and annamae and my mum listened to all the convos on the phone, so i was urged to end it with you to stop me being in pain from not knowing where i stood with you, but afta i'd sed the words ' Aiden your dumped' i regreted them instantly i wanted to make a grab for the phone tht my mum had. all i cud think about was if u was crying, i wnt to run out the house and cuddle you. then i dreamt you sed tht u wanted to get back together, and the rest of the nyt i spent crying my eyes out thinking of how much i must of hurt you and how much pain i was in - a pain i'd never felt before, but a horrible one.

    BTW whn i sed i was busy on friday it was becus i was going to see my nan - shes 83 now...

    i carnt believe we went from together to not together in a week, now i think back i remember whn we meet on monday in maccies, tht day was great and possibly still the greatest monday i've ever had.

    but i wanna know what you was gonna say to me on monday? was u going to break up with me? it sounded like you was, who says: its best to tell you face to face... ..Aiden I still love you with all my heart and always will, remember? Feather?

    i felt urged into breaking up with you by my mum.

    i cried whn at the weekend we wasnt speaking, i cried all nyt whn i broke up with you i dreamt about you, and i dreamt tht u asked me out again, but obviously thts just wat i want to happen now

    my heart truley aches for you xx

    i wonder if you'll spread s**t about me at school?

    im going to miss your hugs your kisses, having someone to hold, to wisper 'i love you' in your ear, to nibble on your ear lobe, to cold hands you

    i want to know the major event tht u never told me bout at macdonalds tht happened in ur life, u promised to tell me the next day, but u never did

    so i guess now this is it, Good-bye .