• A man was rushed into the hospital for severe bleeding and chest pains. He woke up in his room within a hospital. He looked outside his window, lightning flashed. He saw the bible. Down the hall a docter heres that a patient is flat lining. He sprints to the mans room. He looks down, and the man is reaching for the bible on the window cill. he grabs it and places it in front of him. The docter says "Sir, that iv, was keeping you alive." The man bows his head and prays. "Dear lord, i havn't been living right for the past years," The docter calls in 2 nurses to see, "But I promise from now on, I'm going to live for you." The man looks at the window lightning flashes, and then he stands. "Lord thank you. In Jesus' name, I pray amen." The docter looks at the man, and says "sir, how can you stand, you were just on the verge of death." The man looks at him and says, "that never matters son, what matters is that god forgives me enough to give me a second chance, I will stay here until you docters see fit, but in the eyes of the lord, my life is worth living."

    I heard this story when i was 12, and it told me that as long as you believe that you should live, then you should. I find it truely insperational.