• Gender, it's something that shouldn't matter to anyone. It shouldn't dictate how we see someone or how we feel about someone intimately. It shouldn't dictate who is the 'stonger' gender on the planet and who is the 'weaker'. Gender is a useless factor that society has created, a word they have made, that is just another way of telling us who to be, of forcing us to conform one way or another. Why should it matter to you, if a human with a p***s identifies as a woman, or if a human with a v****a identitfies as a man? It should matter to you about as much as if someone with a v****a identified as a woman or a person with a p***s as a man; in other words, it shouldn't matter at all.

    That quiet girl, the one who sits in the back of the class, she knows that if girls knew she had a p***s, they would outcast her and tell her to go to the boys' bathroom. That star quarterback, he doesn't want a girlfriend because he knows that if she found out that he has the same reproductive system as her, she wouldn't like him anymore. We've been born ino a world where prejudice is a main factor, where people don't know what it truly means to be accepting of everyone. A homosexual, a transgendered, an intersexual, a man, a woman, a muslim, a christian, a native american, an african american, a caucasian. These are all just words, titles, identifiers. They are useless, meaningless words used to give someone something to stereo-type us as.