• Lilian, at age thirteen she tries to commit suicide. She hangs herself in the tree in their backyard. As her spirit leaves her body she stands under the tree. She holds her teddy bear tightly in her hands. She begins to cry. When a tall dark silhouette walks toward her. He carriers a long scythe at his side. Death? Yet, she was not afraid. He reached down and placed his hand on her head.
    "It is not your time. Why must you do this to yourself Little One?" His voice felt like ice.
    Lilian looked down. "My mother has passed, my father does not care no more. My life is shattering before my eyes. Not even my older sibling can protect me from my madness...” She whimpers. "I wish the bad things will disappear.. forever."
    Death pokes her forehead "Your wish is my command. All the bad will disappear, however I cannot stop any blood shed. Do you accept my offer, Little One?" He smiles. Lilian nods, trembling.
    She looks up to him and smiles, "Thank you, My Tall Friend."
    He nods "Little One, Friend." Suddenly Lilian's spirit is placed back into her body. She gasps, opening her eyes to see Seth and father at her sides. Father was weeping harshly, Seth held my hand clenching his eyes in pain. They both turn to me I sit up and smile. Seth embraces me and is followed by father.
    "Don’t be a fool dear.. You gave us such a fright.." Father spoken with confusing words.
    "I sorry papa.. Forgive me?" Lilian coughed out. He spoke gibberish and kept promising to be the father he use to be. Seth barely spoke to Lilian after that night. Instead he is more cautious when she is alone. For three months life was perfect for Lilian, but it did not last. One night when Lilian and Seth were home alone the doorbell rang. It was the sheriff, with horrific news.. Father was murdered..
    Now only she and Seth remained. Seth took a job to support Lilian and himself. After a while Lilian began to cook, and clean. She would cook for when Seth gets home.