• “I need a break!” My little sister yelled.
    “Why? You just started.” I laughed and looked at the room. It had been five minutes and the room was almost done.
    “But this is YOUR room.” She stamped her foot.
    “No, this is OUR room and this is mostly YOUR mess. I don’t play with ponies or dolls. I have the books on the wall except that one.” I pointed to the wall with her bed and a small pink bookshelf.
    With this, she had no rhetoric. She just went on cleaning. I pulled a half- finished book off the shelf. It was a Latin book about The Ancients. This was a book I had started months ago and studied hard to read. Years of studying brought me to the point of being able to read this book and, even then, there are some words that are left unable to be translated. Elise, my little sister, couldn’t read it. She could read some Latin, but not enough to read the book. I would read it aloud, so she could understand.
    “Done!” Elise celebrated by striking a pose. I threw a pillow at her. She fell and I laughed, loudly.
    Outraged, she screamed. “Hey, that’s unfair. No using your strength.”
    “You could have dodged it.”
    Elise glared at me. “I wasn’t ready.”
    “Don’t care.” I said smugly.
    Elise stared at me blankly and then scowled. “Mom! Elizabeth hit me!”
    “Why did she do that, Honey?” Mom said in her way. Elise had no answer. I smiled. “Elizabeth, don’t laugh at your sisters lack of answer.”
    “Why not? It’s funny.”
    “Why did you throw that pillow?” Mom questioned.
    “ Because I wanted to. Do I need any other answer?” I stared at my ceiling onto the upstairs floor.
    “I guess not, but I didn’t hurt her.”
    “No, but you could of. You’re just lucky you didn’t max out.”
    “I guess so, but I didn’t hurt her. I was in control.”
    “I am busy with your baby brother aright now, so can you start dinner? It would be much appreciated.”
    “Okay, Mom.” I had no choice at this point. I had to do it now. The door opened and I ran upstairs.
    Our home was a tiny, grey split level with one way windows. There was a circle of protection around our house, to protect us from any onlookers. I put it up when I was younger and it has lasted years longer than it said it would. I guess that is the power of twins in action.
    The power of twins is rumored to be more powerful than all the most powerful people combined. Ten times stronger than my father and faster than my aunt, Elise and I were the most powerful people in my family, but it doesn’t help that most of the people in my family are the most powerful in the world.