• Philosopher Kahlil Gibran wrote, "Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding." [Cited from the Criminal Minds Wikia]

    Dear 'Dad',

    For the past 14+ years, you have been a failure as a human being, a father, a parent and a spouse. I have witnessed berating, leeching off mom, demeaning your own children as well as relatives. That snide grin of yours hides malice, nefariousness and other crimes I cannot begin to fount. You are a homophobe, transphobe, backwards conservative, traditionalistic Asian amongst other things that sum up a person who refuses to let his children flourish in an ever changing world.

    Calling you a human is not even something I would like to do. My psyche is covered in scars that cannot even begin to describe your abuse. As a young child, I witnessed you berate my own mother to the point of crying. That tore me apart, forcing myself to grow up at a young age. I wanted to protect her. Hell, you are supposed to protect your own wife and children! That's what a husband and a father and a MAN are supposed to do goddammit!

    Hell, my own girlfriend, an MtF transgender, is more of a man than you are. She has a job. She protects her own boyfriend from you even! That's right. I am her boyfriend. I was never your eldest daughter to begin with. I was always your eldest son. You have berated me for my political views, being transgender[and blaming mom for it], cosplaying, being in the Fine Arts and so forth. And you did not stand up to defend me when I was berated in high school, just letting it slide.

    Many times, I have even contemplated suicide because of you. It is through your caustic wording that your own children and sister-in-law cannot even look at you in the eye anymore. You are a disgrace and should be executed for your crimes. You make me sick to the point of throwing up. I cannot even begin to comprehend how disgusted I am with your very existence anymore.

    I am severing the ties to you. No longer am I your child. No longer are you a part of my life. Get out of it and stay out forever. When I finish my undergraduate degree, don't expect to show up. If you come back to hurt mom, myself or your younger son, I will not make it pretty.

    Trying to deny our heritage as well as the past prevents your own children from knowing what they are not only as a person, but where they have come from. Your crimes will not go unheard. Everyone will know of what you have done.

    I have told my girlfriend all your toxic deeds. She finds you a terrible person and is angered that you have driven me to the point of suicide.

    May no one remember your name. You may hide the abuse from everyone, but we bear the scars of it. I plan to transition in the future and by doing so, I am discarding everything in your legacy. I am starting a new life, free from the abuse you have inflicted.