• When someone hears the words “gay pride” they think; a group of rationalists over running America – but, does the rest of the world think that? Gay, bisexual, and straight are the three main sexual preferences. If you think about it everyone is at least one of these three forms. The reaction high school students make when a friend “comes out of the closet”; along with the reactions people make when they see someone protesting for gay rights is horrible.
    Today, government has laws against gay marriages in most states. If a couple even wants to get married they either have to go to a state that allows it or even over the border. Gay rights civilists protest this everyday. The government shouldn’t be able to tell someone who they are and who they aren’t allowed to date and marry.
    Churches also discriminate against same sex marriages and just liking someone of the same sex. They say that it’s against God’s will for someone to be in a relationship with someone of the same sex. Well, if it is against God’s will; then why is it not written in the bible?
    Today in America; teens that are gay or bi are afraid to come out and tell their parents. In some cases our parents kick us out for being gay or bisexual, or some think it’s just a phase. When we’re going to high school; there are a couple of students who have come out and told the truth, and when we do we have the fear of losing all of our friends but if they are true friends they will stay by our side through it all.
    In the 1970’s people who were gay were either thrown in jail or hated by all. Today, we don’t have to hide our secret in fear. Today, homosexuals are discriminated upon but, truly in ten or fifteen years no one will discriminate against anyone just because or their sexual preference. But, until then we all have to pitch in and stop the discrimination against homosexuals.