• Angel's Delimma
    By: Sato Kazumi
    "Look! A bird! No, it's a plane! No, it's... Superman!" Andy spinned and hopped as we walked to school. She is energetic as always. Another morning, another day, high school life. "Please stop, I have a headache." Andy stops making annoying noises.
    "What? Another lover's fight???" She moves her eyebrows.
    "No. Something else, but nevermind." Mike suddenly tackles me out of no where. "Hey!" I stumble and he catches me. Real smooth, yeah. "Why do you have a headache?"
    "That made it worse." Mike acts shocked, "Well, I was trying to help." Andy nudges me, "Get a room, lover birds." I brush her off.
    Mike and I have been together for three months already. How we got together? It's complicated. A story for another time. However, right now, I have a bigger problem to worry about.
    "What? You're failing school?!" Andy spills chocolate milk on me. "Watch it!"
    "No way! The first semester, and already?" Mike is also shocked. We're at lunch, and I was just starting to tell them about my problems.
    "The school sent a flunk mail yesterday, and it says I might get kicked out if I don't pass at least three course." I sigh. Mike comforts me by saying, "Don't worry, if you flunk, I'll stay too by flunking." I eye him, and Andy adds, "It is tough here. Remember all those tests we took? Man, I wish I can lazy around some."
    "No, it's not just that. My parents are saying they're going to stop sending me tuition if I don't pass at least 5 courses." I sigh. "Maybe," Mike offers, "I can ask my Dad to help?" This time, he really is trying to comfort me. "No, it's ok. That's asking too much out of you."