• What is love?

    Love can be taken as the deepest thing someone could feel for another person, to simply liking someone... But then... What really is love?

    Love cannot be simply put as 1 noun, there are so many types simply saying "Love" could mean anything.... So here are some different kinds.


    0. The love that just means you like something a lot in general

    EX: "Oh man I love my cool new undies!"

    1. "Unconditional" Love

    Where love is more of a word than meaning type of thing. Either it is love for the person no matter what, or loving them but not being physically attracted to them.

    2. "Like-Like" Love

    The love where you simply find someone attractive and wouldn't mind scoring a date.

    3. "Crush" Love

    The love where you can't stop looking, thinking, touching, talking, and/or stalking someone, because you simply get a increased heartbeat every single time they are in sight and you just wish and wish they will one day go out with you... But that usually doesn't happen. Sigh.

    4. "I think I love you" Love

    Someone who feels very strong feelings about someone, and thinks to them for sure that they are "In-Love with you" but actually are just full of lust instead. Typical first 5 month relationship. Heh.

    5. "In-Love" Love

    The love where you simply love someone and know it, and have no problem being yourself in front of them, and can say "I love you" and kiss and stuff no problem, but really mean it. But this gets confused with the "I think I love you" love, because they are very much similar, but probably the one who is confused probably hasn't had real love quite yet.

    6. "True Love" Love

    Okay before I say anything about this, true love is not a year relationship, not a 2, 3, 4, 5 not even 6. True love is when you have met your companion FOR LIFE and will never leave them ever and you are (hopefully) truthful and honest about everything, etc. Like an old married couple.


    Some things that are thought to be love, but aren't.

    1. Friends with Benefits
    2. Whores, Cat houses, Strippers,etc.
    3. Anything that is not an animate object (Computer, Pillow, Tacos, whatever, etc.)


    So, what is Love you still ask?
    That's up to you to decide.