• Expedition

    Rays of light slides through the green canopy of the equatorial trees. Birds flew from trees to trees chirping their music. Sounds of our high resistance boots against the damp earth echoes through the forest. I raised my head and looked up ahead just to be welcomed by the sights of my member’s drenched backs. Now, we’ve been walking for an hour and still not a single clearing. One of my friends starts to complain about this trip being fruitless as an aged tree. The expedition leader reprimanded him and told him to go back by himself if he can’t stand it. With that, the forest was quiet again. After another hour of long painful walk, we finally stumbled upon a wide clearing that fits our numbers. It’s a nice spot too since we can hear the rushing sound of water from here. Then, we all collapsed on our bottoms to catch out breath.

    After a few minutes, our expedition leader stood and started to assign us to our responsibilities. Some of us groaned but listens without any objections. Me and Aran, the expedition leader went to collect dry woods and twigs for combustions while the others sets up the tents. We gathered the woods not far from the clearing. It was a fruitful gather but on the way back, my legs starts to feel itchy. I settled down my gather and pulled up my trousers. Spontaneously, a swear flew from my mouth when the view of leeches feasting on my blood greeted me. Aran laughed at me and handed over a lime. I quickly took it and angrily squeezed it at the darned leeches. Once all of them painfully retreats from my flesh, I took my woods and went to the camp with Aran. I was surprised to see that the tents set up has finished. The other three members was in the tents unpacking their stuff. Immediately, we put down our plunders and did the same.

    When we were done, Archillus, Roax and Chillux volunteered to scout the area. Aran approves. Once they’ve gone, I took two stones and a pan from my bag, arranged the twigs and rubbed the stone together to make fire. The spark flew from the friction produced and a fire was made. Aran went into his tent and grabbed some rations in his bag. Then, I put the pan on the makeshift stove. A crunching sound is heard from the impact. Aran unwound the ration’s packet and slowly pour its content on the heated pan. The food sizzles on the pan and a nice aroma wafts in the air. Which I think the cause of the scouting team to return early. During lunch, Archillus laid the report orally and tells that there’s a river not far from here and its safe. Simultaneously chewing his food, Aran nod and concluded that we will head there tomorrow.

    The icy water of the river stung till the bare of my bones. My friends happily swam in the river and Roax jumped in it. Making a huge splash. Chillux was busy fishing but eventually joined us. We bathed from early morning till near afternoon .In afternoon, we prepared ourselves and went hiking in the forest to enjoy mother nature’s beauty. During the hike, Archillus took out his DLSR camera and start taking pictures. We did some funny poses with nature and Archillus happily capture the moment. Then, we heard Aran calling us. With a big grin, he stepped aside and shows the world’s largest flower: Rafflesia. An uneasy stench struck us but it was worth it. Archillus took a picture of it and we went back to our camp with smiles plastered on our face.

    The day has come, we dismantle our tents and gather the trash we made in a plastic bag. In a few minutes, our bags become stocked with equipments. Then, we trail our tracks and head home.