• Alright kiddos, let's gather round for some education. Before you start going "But Karlek, we already know this stuff." I know, I'm sorry, but there are people who might NOT know, and so I'd much rather talk about it and teach them, and maybe help remind you! Now, okay, where EVEN to start. Let's start with where Halloween came from....what a journey right?
    Let's go back to Pre-Christian Ireland (And other similar countries, but Ireland's where it was at yo.) It originally started as a day of celebration and preparation for the dark half of the year, also known as sweater season, or simply winter. Yes, the dead were said to visit. Most times, it was the thought that passed family members would come to speak and spend time with the living, since that was the day that it was easiest to contact the living. Mumming, or dressing up, is what people did as part of tradition to recite verses for food. (Trick or treat.) However, there was always the idea that there could be evil among the happy reunion and feasting. This was counteracted by carving faces into what they had on hand (Hint, it's fruits or vegetables and I'll get into that more later.) This was to scare them away from the door, and from trying to reside and terrorize those inside the home.
    Next we can go into some of our favorite traditions....well, I mean, I just kinda covered them right? Well yeah, a bit. Obviously they first used turnips for the faces, and kept going from there. But where did Jack come from? In 19th century Ireland (Told you it was where it was at.) A story, though obviously false, went around that a blacksmith trapped the devil in a tree with crosses, and promised only to let him down when he promised to never take his soul. When Jack died, he was denied from heaven, as he had been sinful through life. He asked Satan how he could see where to go from there. As a jab at him, Satan threw him an ember from hell. From there, Jack put it inside a carved turnip. Jack....made a lantern....HA! What a clever play on words that idea was.
    Alright, how about some symbolism.....what is it that you are bound to see most today, with people going crazy, right? This User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. A simple pentacle....mind you I said PENTACLE. Not Pentagram. Two different things those are. A pentacle, like the one shown, is the four elements, and with the top point being spirit. It shows spirit being above all else, which says a LOT. Now, a pentagram is something different, but very similar. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. Told ya. Now it's obviously different in the fact that it is upside down. What does that mean? That the person places their spirit below worldly possessions, and while that isn't necessarily a bad thing, in a religion where spirit and your connection to nature and the gods is supposed to matter more, it can show a person's true colors. Alright, disclaimer here, NEITHER OF THESE ARE BAD. That's right folks, while a pentagram is closer to satanism, it still isn't there. Usually it isn't satanism unless show with the ram's head.
    I could go into more, I'm sure, but for now, I'm good. If you have questions, want more of my perspective on things instead of just facts and mythology, then you can message or post on here, and I'd be happy to dig up the answer, or tell you my side. So yeah...enjoy your (pick one)
    1. Samhain
    2. All Hollows Eve
    3. Halloween