• Paris is the most renowned city in France; other names for this enchanting city are the city of love and the city of light. After visiting there, I fully understand why it was given these titles. When waking up in the heart of the city, you will already hear the sounds of cafes bustling and smell the mouth-watering food being cooked. If you gaze out the window, you will witness hundreds, if not thousands of people, rushing across the sidewalks and streets. The roads are lined with apartment buildings, many lingering above businesses already packed with people. Most of the bricks are lightly colored, using pastels or white to create a serene sight. If you are lucky enough, you can see the Eiffel Tower is standing proud and tall with tourists traveling inside. During this time of year, Paris is often chilly yet sunny so it is nice to see rays of sun dancing along rooftops and peering through alleys and the crisp air.

    Once you get on the streets, it is a fast paced time. People from all over the world visit Paris often, so you will likely see diversified people. People in warm yet stylish clothes would also be common; you wouldn't expect one of the fashion capitals of the world to be home to people who aren't fashion forward, right? The cement sidewalks are also prone to being a short cuts for bicyclist, so be wary. More often than not, eyes and faces will be pointed to the ground or facing their friends, and since this is a city you will see businessmen and women speaking on their cell phones. The fragrance of baked goods and breakfast is intensified whilst on the streets, making your stomach plea loudly as the wind races right through you. However, the sunlight is there to add a glow to everything if it is lucky enough to slide through or leap above the huge buildings.

    Another thing to note about life in Paris, everyone drives a petite automobile. Unlike America, you won't see pickup trucks or even vans. Dark colored Smart cars seem to be popular in most European countries. One more difference concerning vehicles is the fact that everyone has dents on the bumpers from people pushing cars while parallel parking. It isn't uncommon to see one tiny car nudging another to make room. However, you shouldn't be distracted by vehicles, you must look out for cyclists. If you are on vacation, you'll most likely tread into a restaurant to taste fine French cuisine. You will be shocked with the aroma of delicious food and nicotine. Yes, Frenchmen and women will smoke cigarettes as they enjoy a meal, especially if seated outside.

    The staff at the businesses will likely act hospitable, yet not too joyous. Their wardrobe will be plain, usually dressing in formal wear. The dress shirts will probably be white, but the vest, tie, dress shoes, and suit pants will be the color of midnight. With speed, they will direct you to your seat which can be indoors or outdoors. They are polite, yet not friendly. You are seated at a very tiny table surrounded by uncomfortable metal bistro chairs. They tilt and rock on the uneven cobbles that line the patio. It is loud, like an unruly kindergarten class at recess. Sitting in your metal vice you begin to feel like you are dining in the cafeteria of the United Nations. Every ethnic group is represented in the streets and cafes in Paris. It is truly a global destination. Crepes smell like the ambrosia of the gods, as the sweet, delicious steam rises into your nostrils like a moth to flame. The d├ęcor is simple yet chic and surprisingly modern in a city with such historical architecture. Gazing upon the feast on your plate is nothing compared to the feast for your eyes. A never ending art show featuring human sculptures, alive and percolating on the streets is cloaked by churches and buildings with heartbeats and souls of their own, casting monumental shadows onto the sidewalks. The cacophony of voices almost overpowers the horns blasting every few seconds like crickets in a midnight symphony.

    Sitting restlessly in the sky, the sun has risen and set so many times over the centuries, gently washing over the city's secrets and shining on her beauty. Paris is like the prettiest woman you have ever seen. Green streaked gray patina, makes her interesting and mysterious yet she is so graceful and sophisticated. Her heart is the stone, Gothic pillars of Notre Dame, intimidating and yet heavenly when it is open. The blood that pulses through her veins is the river that winds and turns , feeding and protecting her. Swan like and majestic, her long and beautiful neck is the Eiffel Tower, adorned with sparkling jewels that light the sky during the night. Lips of crimson, slightly naughty, the Moulin Rouge, shines like rubies stolen from the queen. With eyes that illuminate her porcelain face, they will remind you of Versailles. The creative and cerebral palace atop her neck is her brain, or the Louvre, which sits quietly, sending signals to the rest of her body. You, the city of love, are timeless, classic and cutting edge, and you move with the grace of an artist with a thousand paint brushes sweeping over your canvasses like a lover stroking his various concubines.

    Nowhere in the world will you ever again find a women so beautiful and enchanting as she. Reaching into your pocket you retrieve your camera. Photographing this enchanting woman for all posterity. She closes her eyes and tears begin to fall. Opening your umbrella you run for cover, as the rain begins to fall with maddening fury. Such immense artistry and vivacity deserves peace, violence will simply batter her. Never forget this moment, you remind yourself and then you begin to weep.