• being myself.
    I have discovered in tiredly different ideas, within my own mind.

    And I have surely discovered that I was out range of being the odd ball.

    And I haven't belong to the group before like in elem or high school.

    I never thought of being popular without being mean to others.

    So I found myself about getting fit in with the others.

    As the teenager I was nice to others and make a school a better place.

    So I have sweep the hallways of the whole school and be happy.

    So my interests are changing drastically because of bullying.

    So I begining to wear more and more black, because all the bullying have done to me.

    I have becoming gothic without notice my own style changes over the years.

    Then,my parents meet me half way there with my little sister.

    So I change my appearance to normal in the quick flash back.

    So I waited until after the bonus year of high school.

    So I was like still wearing dark clothes in the way of life.

    So I have dyed my hair black six times.

    Once I have discovered my own identity and I fell into rainbows and peace signs.

    So I have a bob haircut, and my own father have been shocked.