• what I'm afraid of?
    Well I actually haven't really conquer my worst fears. However I came in mind what I afriad of. When I was little, I am deeply scared of Count Dracula. Even from the animal planet. Even you actually don't know I have conquered that fear. Another one is kolo ren, professor Snape, and also Armando Salazar. Well I am afriad of the ones with black hair. Well there's anything I would afraid of, these licorice from Harry Potter. The spider book from Harry Potter. And yet professor snape aka my twin. Well I actually why I afraid of those things. And I don't watch Harry Potter at home just with friends at the adult program. And I would turn professor snape to smartie pants. Well I want to actually make my fears super funny. But really fears that might be leant is not real. And sometimes one of my guy friends said its not real. So I decided what I'm up against and fears that might not be heard. To achieve the goal not afraid of everything that have black hair is completely wired.