• enter of the dark world of goth 2
    Well this time is about the wiredness to compair of my own sims 4 game. The wiredness that I actually added the gothic building and at first I was scared of that type of wired. However I do see sims 4 spooky stuff and vampires game packs. Which is not my usually taste of building. Well I think I do have the dark side. Even I find it fancy pancy with all candles and stuff.

    So I thought that is a good idea. As I figured that there's something was completely wrong with my own expections to think normal. However I do tend and fell back to the dark side time and time again. Even perhaps of the normal female who is adult is typing this. I supposed to actually think like the normal person and watching cartoons or tv shows.

    I should've never thought in of being a goth. Even people who doesn't seemed to realized that I was doing my own research of the gothic subculture and soon to realized that my parents who realized thinking that is actually for losers so I keep the secret for the who time. Not to mention that I have the wired sides as well.

    Even my mother who actually wanted to keep the game out. And even its park of sims four game. And ever thought of thinking like the wired girl. Even I knew its going to happen. And yet it was the wired of knowing my own self.

    And because my own thoughts of having mind of the wired person. I shall knowing for other reasons to know that this is actually it. For the knowing of being part of the goth. And even I seemed to realized that I spraypaint my own pumpkin black. Well others look at me strange. Well I seemed to realized that the color I wear always black. Well perhaps that the wiredness seemed to know it was me. All the long with the amount of the black on my own back.

    And I seemed that I was in the world of normal people. Even I realized that I was different from others. And I never thought that I was the one who knows a lot of stuff. Even I was wired. Well the type of wired is not a being a mean troll. Even I figure that the sims 4 game packs are wired but I like them. I was felt the wiredness that I hate the trolls of the Internet . So bye now