• South Park's Spider Queen and the Catholic Church:

    I don't know if anyone else made the connection but I did a while back:

    I was watching a 'conspiracy' video on YT about Shirley Temple and how she was surrounded by ***** and put into very adult situations such as her movies 'Baby Burlesque' and then something caught my attention; They mentioned how ***** are called 'Spiders'.

    I searched the phrase '***** are called spiders' in Google and it took me to the Urban Diction, among many other dictionary, terms 'Rock Spider'.

    'Rock Spider' Derived from the analogy that a *****, like a Rock Spider, is always getting into little cracks. Often used as Australian slang for a ***** in the prison system..

    Then I looked at the Queen Spider from the South Park Episode 'Red Hot Catholic Love' and she looks almost exactly like a real Rock Spider - Same striped pattern with light and dark colors.

    I believe they also chose the color black to represent the ***Black Pope*** of the Jesuit Order (generally referred to as Father General), Superior General of the Society of Jesus. He is the Most Powerful Man on Earth, who rules over the Maritime Laws (business) and the Space Laws; Which also makes me think that's why they chose the stripe colors green (business) and blue (Space Laws).

    (Current Black Pope - The thirty-first and current Superior General is the Reverend Father Arturo Sosa, elected by the 36th General Congregation on October 14, 2016 who is in his position in incumbent.)

    So South Park seems to have already known that ***** are called spiders, more specifically Rock Spiders and their high ranking position in the Vatican.

    The song the Catholics sing in the episode, before the Queen Spider comes out, says:
    Latin: "O sacramento corporis et sanguinis"
    English: "O the sacrament of the body and blood"

    This refers to the Sacrament of Eucharist or the 'Holy Communion' or 'The Last Supper'; Where the bread becomes the body of Jesus and the wine becomes his blood, and followers eat of him in symbolism.

    But this section of the song seems out of place with what happens next; Why sing about the symbolic blood sacrament before the Queen Spider comes... Unless you were going to feed her ACTUAL flesh and blood as sacrament?

    This also REALLY ties into the fact many conspiracy theorists, actors, entertainers, comedians, ect. have all come out saying that REAL ***** and Satanic blood rituals happen, where children are tortured and traumatized to edge of insanity so their blood can be harvested and drank, and their flesh consumed in rituals - even in the church.

    I think Father Maxi, who tried to stop the Catholics and Vatican, represents a New Age Catholicism that rejects the Old Ways of the Church that did, and does, in fact do human-Occult-Satanic-***** Sacrifices, he tries to get them to go to the New Age, but they would rather stick with the Old Ways.

    So to recap:
    Queen Spider: ***** Black Pope
    The Catholic Priests: Catholic priests & Occultists
    Latin Song: Invoking a sacrificial blood ritual