• So, about the Sri Lanka bombings:

    This time I decided to wait for more info instead of pointing fingers at certain groups immediately, though I had a group in mind, and I was proven right.

    It was Muslims: A video from the ISIS news agency 'Amaq' shows Mohamed Cassim Mohamed Zahran, also referred to as Zahran Hashim; Leader of the ISIS-affiliated group National Tahweed Jamath (NTJ), and 8 others pledging their allegiance to the group ISIS.

    The NTJ first appeared in the Eastern province of Sri Lanka, and currently has 100-150 members; Growing in size and extremism. 9 have been arrested with suspicion of aiding the NTJ with materials used in the bombings; All 9 being copper workers.

    The NTJ is also responsible for the the destruction of Buddhist statues in Sri Lanka.

    The NTJ said the bombings in Sri Lanka were retaliation for the 2 Mosque shootings in Christchurch, New Zealand, during Friday prayer on March 15, 2019. Honestly, this one kind of annoys me because Christian churches all across Europe (about 2,000 in France in 2 years alone)

    The death toll at the Christian churches and hotels at Colomobo, Negombo, and Batticaloa currently sit at 321, with 45 of them being children. The number of casualties could have been even higher. Authorities said Tuesday that a fourth hotel was among the original targets, but the attack at that location failed. Officials previously said they found an unexploded pipe bomb near Colombo's international airport.

    The former official said they had a warning about the NTJ bombing 10 days before it happened, but failed to act on the intelligence received, and the President of Sri Lanka claims to have never had any info on warning.

    Now the Sri Lankan government is trying to censor everything on Facebook and Youtube from the Sri Lankan people, their claim is so that their people 'Don't spread false information' - Which I'm not buying; I think it's just so they don't spread a hatred of Muslims among those in Sri Lanka who are Christian and Buddhist; Buddhists who especially hate Muslims.

    The thing that really pisses me off the fact that media outlets like NowThis, Vice, and Buzzfeed are STILL pushing the false narrative that the Muslims are the victims; Talking about how attacks against Muslims have gone up (in Sri Lanka) since 2013 - HMMM, I wonder why, maybe it's because they won't stop raping women and children, killing people, beating up the elderly, stealing, enforcing Sharia Law, enforcing their way of life on countries they don't belong in, marrying children, teaching Jihad, destroying churches and national landmarks, ect.

    Even then, these media outlet's keep claiming that 'The Christian, Buddhist, and Muslim populations in Sri Lanka have NO HISTORY OF VIOLENCE', but if you look back in the distant and RECENT history (at least 20yrs ago) between the 3 religions of Sri Lanka you can see a wide range of attacks on each other; Especially Buddhists against Muslims - Who view Muslims as violent extremists who try to enforce their oppresive religion on the people of Sri Lanka; I can see why the Buddhists would have that view.

    Not even that b***h Hillary and c**t Obama will call this tragedy what it is; An attack on Christians - Hell, they won't even call them 'Christians', they call them 'Easter Worshipers' - They're so far up the a** holes of minorities, 'woke' white millennials, and Muslims, who give them the majority of their votes in the election, that they won't even acknowledge this was a targeted attack on the Christian Conservative Right; They basically just call them 'people' to avoid standing in solidarity with anyone who is against their politics and will lose them votes.

    This also makes me think this is tied to the burning of Notre Dame; Both during the Christian Holy Week, both churches, both destroyed. Maybe a bunch of church were set to be destroyed during the Holy Week or on Easter Sunday.

    Regardless, the Christians of Sri Lanka did NOT deserve this disgusting attack and I hope the families of the victims are able to find peace.