• Seeing Lucifer in the Christian aspect I noticed something:

    Lucifer said, in his heart, that he wanted to be like the Most High (loved and worshiped), and to ascend his throne beyond the Heavens.

    Lucifer was the Arch Angel/Cherub of Music and Entertainment in Heaven.

    1.) We have our own Musicians and Entertainers on Earth (actors, singers, comedians, ect)
    2.) The only thing above the Heavens (clouds) is the stars.
    3.) We call celebrities 'Stars'.
    4.) Celebs are worshiped, praised, idolized, and loved by millions of fans/followers.

    I don't think it would be too wild to suggest that Lucifer DID become like the Most High through celebrities - who use the tools of his trade (music and entertainment), to be worshiped and idolized, as he ascended his throne above the Heavens; Among the 'stars'.

    Lucifer is in 'Hollywood'; Holly Wood is a type of wood that is used in many rituals in Pagan, Wiccan, and other religions/witchcraft and where Hollywood gets its name from). Holly and Ivy are also said to be the human-goat God Pans' favorite food; Some people even relate Pan to Satan.

    Let's not forget about all performance rituals committed by celebs in front of millions. All the celebs/groupies/back-up dancers that keep coming forward talking about other celebs being witches and committing sacrifices, mock cannibalism, ect.