• It's emotionally and mentally manipulative to wait months, or even years, to tell your partner you're Transgender.

    The reasons it's manipulation is because you're waiting until someone likes/loves you enough before you drop such a bombshell on them so they won't leave you and if they try to you can manipulate them by saying "You said you love me, I'm still the same person you've known, You said you want to be with me forever, We've been together ___ months/years (do you really want to have all that time wasted?) ect"

    I know some Trans/people will say things like 'I don't have to tell them about me being Transgender; It's my business, It's not lying' - It is akin to lying because you're not telling them who you were and acting like they never existed. If you want to be in a relationship with someone you have to be upfront and honest with them about your past so you can have a future.

    Not to mention you have to consider your potential partners feelings about being in a relationship with Trans people as being in a relationship with one may not be what they want for a multitude of reasons; Wanting to be with a natural born wo/man, wanting to have kids naturally, politically/religiously not agreeing with Trans people, ect. It's unfair to them for you to lie and manipulate them into loving you, against their own wants and beliefs.

    If you want a happy, healthy, honest relationship with someone then you always have to be upfront with them that You're Trans from the very beginning - DON'T wait to tell them; Maybe even put it on your dating profile so people know what they're getting into ahead of time. There are people who are out there who will gladly date you as a Trans person; Just don't keep it secret because then you're not only going to hurt your partner, but when they find out and possibly leave you'll be setting up and hurting yourself.