• Getting people to be pro-abortion is getting people to be pro-child sacrifice to the god Moloch?

    ***A society is judged by how well it treats it's most innocent and defenseless; Yet so many demand the 'right' to kill them, and have the audacity to call it 'progress'***

    Moloch is the ancient Canaanite, Carthaginian (descendants of the Canaanites) and Ammonite
    bull fire god of child sacrifice. He is said to take the form/be represented in the form of a bull, Minotaur, or an owl (though scholars debate him ever being represented in the form of an owl).

    Other spellings of his name include Melech, Mo-lech, Milcom, Melkom, Moloch, Molek, Malec, Malik, Melek, Malkum, Melqart, Melkart, Milk, Melqarth, Kronos, Cronus, Ba'al/Baal (Lord), or Adon (Master). In Islam, Mo-lech is called Malec or Malik (meaning King), believed to be the principle angel in charge of Djahannam, the Islamic version of hell.

    The way ancient Canaanites would sacrifice their children is by burning them alive in a fire to Moloch called the 'Passing Through the Fire of Moloch' in which the babies were rolled into a giant metal bull statue where they fell into it's stomach that was on fire within, and the baby was burned alive.

    Often it was the first born child who was sacrificed to Moloch, often for things such as power, wealth, fame, good fortune, ect.

    (Quick info:
    Worship of Moloch included sexual worship of his consort, Ashtoroth/Asherah/Astoroth:

    In Ashtoreth’s worship services, male worshipers had a**l sex with priests and priestesses of the goddess. This was viewed as an offering to the fertility goddess. The priests and male prostitutes, who were consecrated to her cult were called qadesh, qedishim or sodomites.

    Given this cultural, historical and religious context, it becomes clear that God did not intend to forbid a loving, committed gay relationship or gay marriage between two men or two women. Instead, God intended to forbid Israel, His people, from practicing the same sex religious rites with which the ancient Canaanites worshiped their fertility goddess.

    sod'-om-it (qadhesh, feminine qedheshah) in every part of the bible refers to temple and shrine prostitutes, not homosexuals (though often one-and-the-same).

    The Bible never condemns committed faithful non-cultic same sex relationships and never condemns gay marriage.

    Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13 simply do not address modern gay and lesbian relationships.

    Molech represented the male principle of life and reproduction.
    Ashtoreth represented the female principle of fertility.)

    The babies are thrown into big metal incinerators that seem to mimic the metal statue and burning pot-belly of Moloch.

    Even modern abortion tend to only happen with her first baby, but sometimes more depending on what you how much you want to sacrifice for your desires.

    Even the abortion consultation can seem like a sort of ritual to prepare for the abortion/sacrifice; Reading, listening, and understanding what you're about to do and what it means.

    The mothers usually have the same desires with abortion as did the mothers of Canaanite babies being sacrificed: Often the mothers pursue, in modern times, personal power, wealth, fame, ect in some form or another even if they don't realize it;

    1.) (Power) Saying she doesn't want to give up her freedom and partying lifestyle to stay at home with a kid.
    2.) (Wealth) Saying she can't afford a kid or doesn't have a stable to job so she can keep/have more money.
    3.) (Fame) Saying that she got rid of her baby (for one reason or another) to get sympathy/attention (fame), ect.

    Example of the modern 'Power' received through abortion (ritual sacrifice) of babies:
    Waste Management comes to hospitals and abortion clinics and pick up newly killed babies and take them to an incinerator. Many reports coming from the UK show that up to 10 Trusts (Trusts run many hospitals at the same time) admit to disposing of over 1,000 babies as 'clinical waste', while 2 more admitted they use waste-to-energy incinerators, that power the lights in the hospitals, to dispose of babies (up to 24 weeks old - 6 months). Similar reports have come out about an Energy Plant in Oregeon, USA using incinerated babies from Canada to generate electricity.

    Example of modern 'Wealth' received through abortion (ritual sacrifice) of babies:
    Using Stem Cells of a fetus from Cord blood which contains blood-forming stem cells that can be used in the treatment of patients with blood cancers such as leukemias and lymphomas, as well as certain disorders of the blood and immune systems, such as sickle cell disease and Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome; All which are multi BILLION dollar industries.

    Example of modern 'Fame' received through abortions (ritual sacrifice) of babies:
    Anything that shows the killing of babies in a positive light and/or makes kids look like they're the problem; Stem Cells from the mothers Cord helping people, Women 'having the power to choose', boasting about how 'proud' you are of your abortions and how you're happy a kid didn't hold you back from a better life, science telling people having kids is bad for the environment, that kids will be stressful so it's better to get a dog, ect.

    "Women's Choice" and "Abortion" just seem like New Age terms for "Willing" and "Ritual Sacrifice"

    Other info:

    April 19-20th is the 'Feast of Moloch'
    Where food, child sacrifice, rituals, and other events take place.

    Events that have happened on April 19/20th:
    1.)US revolutionary war begun - Many who fought in the early American wars were children or considered by today's standards as children.
    2.) Hitler born - Up to the end of the war Hitler had the Hitler Youth to defend Berlin from the advancing Allies.
    3.) Ratzinger made Pope - Accusations are being made against the Pope of covering up or dismissing without investigation complaints of priest sexual abuse scandals.
    4.) Waco -
    5.) Oklahoma bombings - Effecting people for years, including kids who saw.
    6.) Columbine killings - Kids who were bullied at school killed other kids in their school.
    7.)BP oil disaster - Leaking oil that will effect animals and humans for years.

    Not to mention that the rate of kidnappings tends to go up around these days; Usually 2 days before or after the celebration of Moloch.

    This years 'Sabbath of the Eternal' (Christian Sabbath) (2019) will also be on April 19th (sunset Friday) - April 20th (sunset Saturday). It's interesting that the Christian God would hold a humbling 'fast' while Moloch holds and indulging 'feast' the same days.