• So I've been sitting on this theory of mine for about 3 or so years, and never bothered to look into it or write it down until now:

    What if heavy rocks moved by ancient societies were moved with the help of diamagnetic rocks that were repelled against the magnetic north/ectromagnetic energy/Earths electromagnetic lines location of the areas, and possibly by the natural surges of thunder/lightning hitting the ground to boost the repelling signal? Like a sort of road way or path made of the diamagnetic rocks walks to more easily move them along - I'm not exactly saying full-on levitation, but just enough energy to make them easier to push.

    This theory mainly started when I look at the Great Pyramids of Egypt, and later on Stonehenge.

    *will add/edit as I learn more

    Diamagnetic: Materials are repelled by a magnetic field; an applied magnetic field creates an induced magnetic field in them in the opposite direction, causing a repulsive force.

    Graphite and bismuth are strongly diamagnetic materials. Because of their electron configuration they establish a field in the contrast direction of the external magnetic field, such as applied by magnets. As a result, they are repelled by magnetism, and even they can levitate if you put a magnet in both sides of such materials.

    The Great Pyramid of Giza emits an electromagnetic energy through it, down to its base and surrounding perimeter.

    Currently there are 3 mines 'close' to the Great Pyramids, right next to the Red Sea- One gold, and 2 Graphite.

    Both the Great Pyramids/Giza and Stonehenge lie on Earths natural magnetic field lines and receive high dosages of thunder/lightning.

    There's always been talk about the Pyramids being a Giant lightning rod; And that it's estimated to even be as old as 12,000yrs - back in a time when it was wet and there was vegetation, and rain was common.
    This also makes me think about the 'orbs' people keep at Stonehenge - people thinking it's a portal or something, but they actually could just be capturing muorons or the huge amounts of atmospheric electricity -
    Well lightning is a rapid discharge, so no harvesting lightning isn't feasible I think.
    Harvesting atmospheric electricity over time could be viable, it is said that was telsas goal but its also unclear what he really was upto during the end of his life.

    Other info:
    Not to mention if you divide the length of the base by its height dimensions, of the Great Pyramid of Giza, it equals Pi - the mathmatical formula (3.14159)
    Each section can also be multiplied by a whole number to give the total height
    The surface of the four sides, divided by the base equal the Golden Number or Golden Ratio - A key in aesthetic and design.
    By dividing the half perimeter by the total height you get the Golden Number squared.