• i've work at a place for 2 months. Everything was nice, my boss is easy, my coworkers is lenient and taught me a lot of stuff. but i continue to make mistake and learn again. i feel like i'm not worth it for my job but i continue to work hard and change myself. after 2 months the owner of the shop change. i don't know what expectation they have on me but they said i'm not good enough and everything that i do, they dismiss it. the new owner said do everything even if it's outside of what i apply for. he said i do it because if he ask other he has to paid them. i check my work again to make sure i did not make any mistake and he just so displease with my checking. he expect me to get everything right on the first try despite how hectic the shop is. when there is a problem at the front, it was usually my jobs to deal with them. but he told me to shut up and do everything himself. I understand that he don't want to lose customer but i feel like they don't trust me at all and i feel useless in that place. it was winter in Houston and they leave the door open. when it's get cold and i asks to close the door, they said no cause it's hot and why're are you so weak. i quit because they see me not as a human but an investment. i quit because of was robbed out of my position. because this is my first job that i don't know, how hard the owner usually is. but right now, to myself, i don't have to focus on something that drain my life force out of me and i should use it for something else.
    i've learn after i read this quote " you can get any worker with the good amount of money but you cannot make them stay and work for you with only money".