• I've been holding back my wrongdoings for so long. And I need to confess about them. I have been neglectful and abusive. Only because I was too depressed to take care of the animals and people dear to me. And I was too depressed to do anything when they needed me the most, when they were hurting the most themselves. But eventually I fixed that, I realized I can't take care of dogs because I have no knowledge on how to train them to behave. So I gave my dogs to be adopted to a better home that would train them and my mother donated 200 dollars to the cruelty free animal shelter so they'd have a better life with a owner who could train them to be good dogs. Amazed I found a cruelty free shelter, I hope they are still alive today my Chihuahuas. Because I couldn't gave them away if they'd be killed in two weeks because they weren't adopted which is the basic shelter here in Florida. So we travelled to Chipley Florida to see the cruelty free options and now they are adopted out or still being fed.
    The animal shelters down here are cruel. If a cat, kitten, or dog doesn't get adopted out they are put down and then their body is incinerated or cremated in a location right next to the shelter. And they do die painfully and alone I want to sue these bastards. 😭