• The treasure I keep is of wisdom. Heaven’s gates and the earth are one. It is relative to understand what holds the earth in formation as the world passes onward or changes according to historical and natural records. In the times of chaos, there is struggle. But upon it a solid rock where the ancient wicked ways die or are remembered, there is peace. It is not that I grudge against the sinner who is construed by the confusion of circumstances, but rather those like I who were aware of choices and caused a mortal time wound. A system to more fixes itself through habit, and life contains evidences of them, but more righteousness. Unto those that remember the blessings, peace and worthiness of their connections worthy. Behold the days where mankind writes a story to add of their own. Onto that of human ages. I digress, for it is our legend, and inheritance, but it is the legacy of them who define us. It is that spirit which come and let go of its ancient past, to become and shape us. What is a mortality rock of wisdom, is when all of it is defined or known? Bring forth the happiness that mankind or spirit-like pursue. Thus, a pursuit of happiness and peace with freedom or liberty. The cultural practice is lost unto the formalities of living way and repetition. There is no discovery to make when life seeks its material wealth. But God, Devil, Angelic, or beast is of mankind’s way by thus a decision to follow. Hence repetition of religious philosophy. It is the definition of action according to its century’s proofs and truth, and not the lies thereof. Caused by misconception of belief, they hold guilt with fear. My Lord to many more knows how to love in their own senses, or the nature define the creature as it grows in its intellect, compared to the masses that act changing the standards of purity or commit wrong-doing, though there are perverseness and vileness in the world to temptations. The purest form of action is thus to commit to the truth while accepting the matters that change oneself for goodness result or man commit the alter. It is not to inflict the truth to the falseness of how others should perceive. Define to me perfection states the man, but they heed a need for life’s abundance that sustain from the birth to that among spirit and thought to emotion physical. With these imperfections comes not so according to them, but it understands and forms the totality to imagery sought. When life bow down to the wicked or supports the way of darkness, it becometh its way or is broken to healed by God with chance to return to its natural order if so given mercy to compassion with forgiveness. Otherwise, life forgets it has a decision to be good or wicked regardless of what is chosen for them. When the contrast of light shines forth bringing argument to its counter, the temper changes or is neutralized. Such is a division and contrast when both were of the same form. We cannot truly know light or darkness, for the habits consume the neutral spirit of mankind leading forth them on one path or the other, though in the ways of life, man naturally chooses or attempts foot on the path of righteousness in their eyes. There is a diagram of holiness among the intentions with purposes. Spirit can tempt man, but nothing can tempt the goodness of purity besides its counter. It sought to destroy or enslave; while the highest sought to heal among its breakdown in attributes after conforming itself to the world to spare or create it. The source of life is outside the boundaries of dimensions though there are stability factors involved in the process with its attitudes. One can ask but not demand of Jehovah – the Old Testament God to eternity’s age. Where so is the Lord in the eternity to the creation of the beginning to end of its age? Or life submits to a created being claiming itself to be a Lord less it is a maker or blessed by the first light. So is the Christ yet for the glory of God did the persecuted man abide by with values of purity. However, without sin yet blamed, it is also a contrast to sinful yet found blameless. It is better to not compare to Christ for the sake of persecution, but to honor the holiest. They can choose to follow God or a being under it though we know these paths at their extreme are hellish if so used to manipulate or for corruption to powers. Thus, the first light is referred to as God, when there is no other. When mankind argues man, they argue themselves. When they displease God, it is manifested spirit to the harm of spiritual ritual as so to submit the self under a falseness to a form of wickedness or purity under the source. Such is not so heard of today because the cultures that understood the practice to sacraments of such means have been displaced or adapted onto the new and the modern. But it is kept with those who follow faith-like behavior. A rule made by younger generations that live is that the older is to take charge but hold responsibility for the young. In righteous respects the younger is to care for the older and not take the consequence caused by the misconstruing of the flaws of the elder. Therefore, without belief or thought to freedom granted by God, inherited to man, life cannot therefore think for itself; less the mankind learns from the man and adapts its sensibilities and life grows up according to its environment to perception. It is like saying the providence of its fruits grows with its seed. It bears the same fruit, yet holds a different taste. The maker argues not the creation, for it knows the heart. Rather, it is the creation which in contrasts to its maker sought free will or indulgence of pride to skillful craft with powers. Thus, how the wickedness fell is an important lesson though there were contrasts of power to boast or bask in the glory of God for claims of inheritance or safety to sight. For the glory to heart of the Lord to follow, life remain. Not for us to gain. As I decrease among the mankind for the truth to life’s ignorance, it is how the Lord has proven himself greater to my heart and for me to know the footsteps of God and his council. How we contribute the free will is a choice that leads to the consequence, but the free-will is not the value most important rather than the outlying result to the heart of the cause. Interpreted incorrectly or perceived in my thoughts sometimes to the heart of mankind, it shows that there is change or acceptance needing to be made, yet the core value is of the soul to consciousness. Life will only try to defy the rules of life to sustain it or break it, but overarching, the system itself cannot be broken under pillars or magistrates of stability chains. The disasters would have to be made manifested among the mortal being. Does life have to live or die for life to progress? The answer is broad but explainable. If the life means to flourish, it shall expand without the death and the expansion be unknown of its multitudes. Unless giving nutrients to the growth of the ground, or replenishing itself from chaos to food chains to age or factors from condition to observe influential, death to life is not a benefit. I so believe that the concepts of life are called infinity. making the attribute character null. But is it calculatable though one term is not the equivalent of the other? The limit to life’s growth is the calculation of the limits of life and death to the calculations of thought. Which mankind cannot comprehend though understand parts is the mind of God because the Lord so grant us the ability to think? Barriers if so, are put in place of the dimensional reach are like skepticism to the open mind with boarders and a firmament from the unlivable attributes. I digress from my research. What is meta-science is a digression of space and time to the foundations to study and basics of living to that of conversion or manipulation. It shows after twenty or more centuries, life would rather forget or be hidden from un-noble eyes to that justified not so. For the circumstances dear to us are repetition and learning. For they had not learned from the mistakes of them besides the action, therefore the manner of them will never change, thus referring to the mankind for its chaotic means over that of the goodness. When this statement made is untrue, so be the goodness of a golden age according to the life that so live rather than the temporal means of possessions and world values contributive to the circumstances. The law of the political mix with the impractical realities causes destruction for the common man and the communities. For in their opinion, they see what is best in their eyes, but they abandon the true ethics of the people. The opposition will not blame the accuser to the cause less it approaches it upon their doorsteps. The world will argue the means of culture and blame the modern for its heresy, but truly the life of man prefers preference over grace. For each one has a prejudice of heart. Less they see with a compassion that surpasses the eyes of mankind, they shall not overcome the perspectives that divide the most. Unite they shall under a banner and it leads to the mightiest of crusades or a blame towards the freedoms at hand. When the power unites under one, the radicals seek among death, and life be of its living. The broken people are truly abusive powers among the common living. And thus, they compare wealth and race. But their only excuse is the judgement of nationality and skin aside from the harm to the circumstances of living and wealth. I do not believe in social security, because society does not communicate and management rips of the material value of those of the harmed or defenseless to stick up for the man of conditions without excuse, and if so, they did much of the nations would be stable or so in unification according to the laws thereof as so to care and not abandon the morale issues of life. The insurrection of a multitude to accuse one place is considered terrorism to radical. It is a rogue justice among powers and secrecy. The form of governance is dysfunctional among one group alone. With oversight the administration should be reviewed and legalities of the younger generations be straightened. It is not the one such as I who knows statistics, but to live life ignoring is worse than being an observer. I see it, I saw in you and the people, and you fail that which was of a people. For you censor and try to control them through fear and that which was harmful by others. Your nation is nothing more than dust, and you had better days with those who stood for you under rebels to heroes who fought. As life and censorship reaches, the criminalities of the uncivil shall stir again because the uttermost of respectable hypocrisy were allowed to roam among the courts. The administration of God is perverted before the common man, but it is not the holiness to righteous of intentions to blame but mankind if so, its actions is skewed to view as the enemy rather than the friend to a magistrate. It is not to support the criminal, but the life that needs growth. Are why people should offer wisdom among the solstice and the earth. For I am man to know the thoughts of my Lord and we each hide, I am unknown yet known and life remain silent. Is it of purpose to be known and explore? The vitality of life states to me a man, my Lord to others have higher thoughts, though similar among the life they must be. It is not to credit the thoughts to claim a person or deity. It is the positions of one to see as others cannot walk the shoes of change to that of others record validity among truth to the conduct of stories. Where is your heart O earth before me? Has it truly become independent aside from skill to learn? You need guidance righteous to live life. Others are great with authorship as I, but among the hands to the proof, it shows vitality of hearts to how well we mean our words.
    Not to be disproving of God, but of the defense, wherewith stand us integrity as mankind?