• Soul City Rising a Proposal

    Soul City Rising is a unique, culturally driven organization created to orchestrate and launch a migration of self-identified Nerds, Geeks, and Creatives to a North American township in need of revitalization. Also welcomed in our migration are people looking to decentralize the need to generate money to live or people looking to create a lifestyle where generating capital is not a desperate priority but an adventure. This prospective township will have a preexisting municipal infrastructure and an excess of unused property ideal for creating an alternative and successful economic market and space to develop local culture differently than the places we live currently.

    In order for Soul City Rising to negotiate our migration into the prospective township, we need a membership that roughly mirrors the current population of the prospective township to demonstrate Soul City Rising’s popular support and viability. It is critical that supporters join our Patreon, our chosen platform. Subscribing to our Patreon is a commitment to the migration and is our way of fundraising through small donations over time. We have set our initial membership goal at 10,000 subscribers. Soul City Rising will need the financial support both to create a cohesive proof-of-concept for the migration and to fund advocacy, marketing, and logistical research needed to execute a safe and successful migration. We can do this with the small donations generated through Patreon, without having to become a nonprofit or relying on the whims and rules of corporate sponsors, government agencies or big donors.

    I want give more details about self-identified Nerds, Geeks, and Creatives
    Nerd- Loosely defined as someone enthusiastic about real-world matters, the sciences and myriad other areas of esoteric knowledge, typically engaging with the material alone (history buffs, philosophers, socialists, book worms, social justice warriors, music devotees)
    Geek- Loosely defined as an individual who is mostly captivated by fictional material and enjoys sharing the subculture with an established fanbase (gamers, otakus, weebs, theater kids, comic book geek, binge-watchers).
    Creatives- Loosely defined as an individual who makes a living using their ability or power to create entertainment, products, or provide services outside of the traditional job market or the more established trades that remain elusive to most marginalized populations. (For example: artists, content creators, influencers, craftspeople, cultural organizers or musicians)
    Unique as these three subcultures are from each other, they all share a characteristic of enjoyment despite societal discouragement.

    Initially, Soul City Rising must lay the foundation for the migration by both gathering the support of people willing to migrate as well as locating and integrating our unique movement with an otherwise dying town that is willing to cooperate. Once the prospective township has been chosen, negotiations have been successful and Soul City Rising has the cooperation of the town's municipality the migration can then begin in earnest. 5 years is the projected time needed to achieve these foundational networks for the migration.