• It’s like I’m in a darkness
    A cloud of storms and rain

    It’s like a constant gloom of pain
    A fierce and wild hurricane

    It’s like a flood of sadness
    The tears overcome my soul

    It’s insanity and madness
    As my emotions take a hold

    It’s like an afflicted disease
    No medicine there to ease

    Nothing left to cure my needs
    From this incurable horrible seize

    It’s like an impairing blindness
    Scales upon my eyes

    It’s like a deadly heart attack
    Taking me by surprise

    It’s like a rollercoaster high
    At the deathly heights above the sky

    It’s being unprepared to take that plunge
    Yet falling downward with a lunge

    It’s like an earthquake
    My world ‘s been shaken upside down

    It’s like I’m in the twilight zone
    And know you’ve gone,-- you’re not around

    It’s all these horrors all these fears
    A piercing knife a sharpened spear

    It’s how I felt the day you died
    A sting and stab leaving grief behind