• Love glares at your from the darkness
    And smiles from the light
    A double agent slipping in and out
    An owl swooping down in the night
    Love could be your angel
    Healing and singing so serene
    Or it can burn you to a crisp
    From the inferno, love is your dearest fiend

    Love is like a battlefield
    Where our hearts go to war
    Castles looming as our bodies
    Fighters struggling to their core
    Medics seem to finally cure you
    From life’s love-sick destiny
    But there will never be a victor
    And you and your lover will never be free

    Love is Gravity
    Pulling you in with it’s strong pull
    Love keeps you down to earth
    While you keep soaring like a gull
    Love circles you ‘round the globe
    And always makes you fall
    Love can’t always rise you up
    To defy it, then you defy it all