• Do you know who I am?
    Do you even care?
    You say you're with me but I know
    That you're not really there.
    I pour out all my soul,
    And yet you do not hear.
    You do not see my anguish
    As this single, painful tear
    Runs down my cheek unbidden
    For this pain that is my life.
    You just sigh and roll your eyes
    As I tell you of my strife.
    I guess I cannot blame you
    If you find my problems small,
    But if I could fix them on my own
    I wouldn't be here at all.
    I'm not a bitter person,
    But it's getting hard to see
    A single little good thing
    That connects to me.
    So lend some understanding,
    And reach down into this void.
    Pull me away from all the hatred
    That I'm trying to avoid.
    With a simple open ear
    You can end my tribulation.
    When you're really here for me
    You give me my salvation.