• The one I love,
    The one I see,
    The one who nurtures me.
    The one that loves,
    The one that watches over me.
    The one who cares for me,
    The one who knows all,
    The one who’s name is mother.

    The one who will always be there,
    To give the hugs and kisses.
    The one who will comfort me,
    When i am sick or heart broken.
    The one who will never leave,
    Whether dead or alive,
    she's by my side.

    To all the moms,
    Who care for their kids.
    You can be th one,
    In your childs life.
    To my mom,
    Who always has,
    And always will.
    And to the kids,
    Remind your mom,
    She is "The one"