• Saved

    I was fading into a cold dark abyss,
    Unable to escape, allies didn't exist
    I was thrown unprepared, into a world ,
    where your personality was hurled,
    and the only thing that mattered
    was whose hopes and dreams you shattered.

    No longer was I the wanted one,
    instead I was target to others fun.
    Their hate-filled words left me torn,
    once kind and confident, I was worn.

    But one person looked passed my miserable state,
    and offered a hand that took out my hate.
    She picked me up and brushed off the soot,
    and never once judged me by the way I looked.

    Soon enough we became close,
    and she became the one I appreciated the most.
    We soon welcomed another,
    and then we three were always together.

    My confidence bettered, my creativity soared,
    they even introduced me to the love and grace of the Lord
    I started living for the day,
    no longer was I wasting away.

    I don't think they even know,
    how much they made the better of me show,
    and for that I thank them deeply,
    I just hope when they read this they don't get all weepy.

    But now high school is on the way,
    and our three paths are splitting separate ways,
    But forever will they be with me,
    because of them I am