• Baby I know right now it feel like is not working out
    But hold on, I promise you, everything will be better
    If you love me, you'll never let me go
    And if you don't you better tell me so
    I'm just trying to stay true
    You are my lover, my closest friend
    Stay with me and I'll love you till the end
    Right now in some way, some things went wrong
    Something came along
    I'm trying to make it all better, but it seems so bad
    I'm trying to make you happy, but you seem so sad
    If you don't love me no more then let me know
    Because I'm hurting inside but i won't let it show
    If my heart had eyes, they would probably cry from all the pain inside.
    If your gone, I guess you move on
    But I'll leave you in my heart, because is where it belongs
    Before I'll go to sleep
    I'll say a prayer for you
    Praying for your safety
    Babi you know I love you
    Even if we go our own separate ways
    I will still love you
    But I won't be happy without you
    You are the only one that completes me
    The only one that has the key to my heart
    I don't know what I would do without you
    Baby please hold on, I promise you, everything will be better.