• Do you see me?
    I wonder
    I sit here.
    Remembering words long since gone
    And dream.

    (Just to be with you)

    I hate this.
    You're too charming.
    You're too broken.
    You depress me.

    (Just to be near you)

    I can't do this again.
    You're happy
    And yet you still cry inside.
    The people pleaser in me
    Aches for you.

    (Just to be with you, near you)
    (Just to see you, hear you, touch you)

    As she croons from the stereo,
    I hide my head
    Trying not to cry
    Trying to forget that kiss
    Trying to forget that love.

    Inside, I hear something shatter
    Something is broken.
    But what is it?
    Is it my heart?
    Or my mind?