• I glance at the clock, 7:20 a.m.
    “Oh no, we’re late“, I holler
    I run out to start the van
    tripping over a brood of starving cats
    “Feed the cats”, I scream as I search for misplaced java
    I find a hot cup, sipping, gagging
    “Honey, I found your coffee, where’s mine?
    pleas from the kids empty my mind of my daily brew
    Quick kisses will keep me ‘til tonight
    halfway out of the driveway, stop, remove the stowaway cat
    On our way, hurriedly discussing after school events
    you-student council, you-tutoring, and you-girl scouts
    I toss foil wrapped sugary sweet rectangles of morning bliss
    to the already hyped up threesome in the backseat
    playing ping pong between the lines while signing permission slips
    I reassure the kids that yes, I do see that car
    “Mommy, put on CD #4 song #3” brings a smile to my face
    What’s so funny about a grown woman still dressed in her PJ’s
    belting out the tunes to the newest hip hop song is beyond me
    Giggles fill my ears and penetrate my soul
    This is what makes my world spin, my heart sing
    still laughing, we pull up to the drop zone
    a mass of coats, backpacks, and girly grins exit my van
    As I pull away, I scan the rearview mirror one last time
    and I see why it’s sometimes so hard to be happy for 7 straight hours
    I’ve just dropped happy off for the day
    The drive home is quiet, lonely, long
    I put on CD #4 song #3, smile, and I’m happy!