• Call me crazy
    Because I’m sitting here
    On this lonely bus stop in the rain
    Duffle at my feet
    My hair clinging to my cheeks
    Laughing and laughing
    Until my cheeks hurt
    Until my lungs are frozen
    Until my eyelashes are icy
    But this is my happy ending

    This is where it all began
    And this is where it’s all gonna end
    And I’m sitting here thinking
    “I gotta get away”
    Because there’s nothing here for me
    And maybe I’m going down a highway to Hell
    But I gotta get outta here
    I gotta get away from you
    Because where you are is where I don’t wanna be

    So I’ll throw my bag onto the seat
    Turn the music up
    So I can’t hear you call my name
    So I can’t hear my phone ringing
    So I can’t hear my heart shattering
    But this is for me
    And I need this as much as I used to need you
    So I’m gonna go
    I’m gonna watch the rain fall down
    And when the storm is over
    I’m gonna be where you can’t follow
    I’ll get off this old bus
    And I’ll greet the brand new morning sun
    And I’ll be okay

    This isn’t a fairytale ending
    I’m not beautiful or rich or wise
    I can’t sing or dance
    I’m not always kind-hearted
    And my Sleeping Beauty turned out to be an b*tch
    But I’ve got a chance at being happy
    And maybe it sucks to be me right now
    But this is the happy ending I chose for myself