• I cant scrape the dead of my skin
    Cant escape these feelings that ill never be whole again
    Without her ill die right here
    If I cant get over this fear
    These words
    will sit here forever
    Dying just like me
    Fighting to find there place
    In this world
    But I cant face her
    With what I have to say
    But I cant face her with what I have
    These words fall so short of what I feel
    Is it wrong that I wanna feel real
    To her
    Life through this screen
    Is aggravating me
    To the end of my nerves
    But if anyone saw the real me
    They would run and hide
    Fearing there lives.
    Cause im hideous
    To the naked eye
    But my flaws only run skin deep
    Im a good guy underneath
    Or at least that’s what I think
    I would care for more people
    If more people cared for me
    Now don’t get me wrong
    There’s a few
    But all I want is she
    that’s all I want for me
    Take everything
    If I could just have her
    My world would be complete
    but I cant say these words
    Afraid she’ll run away from me
    Im afraid to speak