• A Childhood Memory 03/28/06
    By Devin Kruljac Truessence

    See that boy,
    As he weeps,
    Pounding his friend into submission.

    Clouded in Hate,
    Drowned in sorrow,
    Blurred, his eyes, in rainy vision.

    Molested youth,
    Perverted father,
    Conflicted feelings of Love and Hate.

    Eight years of being,
    A ballet dancer,
    Labeled and kicked into the Dark of Fate.

    Neurotic cries,
    A Fear of Death,
    All of this since the young age of four.

    Wandering existence,
    Major Depression,
    Years of psychotherapy, wanting nothing more.

    Than a Life,
    Of joy and splendor,
    To climb those branches, to hide in trees.

    Trauma induced,
    Memories collide,
    The Light from afar, his eye deceives.

    Reaching out,
    To Starlight Hope,
    Of dying and living, the Phoenix Life.

    Caught in the Shadows,
    Of his own despair,
    Screams at his Heart to take that Knife.

    Pressed against breast,
    One fleeting motion,
    Succumbs to Death with bleeding rain.

    Let it all be gone,
    Let Light shine through,
    A new childhood without Hate or pain.

    As he wakes,
    His life is the same,
    His death, the Knife, just a wishful dream.

    Cries in his pillow,
    Banging his head,
    Walks to school, punches a wooden beam.

    Sees the splinters,
    Then punches again,
    The splinters aren’t there, they’re in his mind.

    Inside his head,
    He dreams of dying,
    Yet he lives on and walks as if blind.

    Eyes are open,
    Can’t see at all,
    Except his life leading down to an Abyss of Nothing.

    Closes his eyes,
    Only then does he see,
    A dim light in himself he keeps from fleeing.

    Experienced Life,
    Like no other,
    Surviving this pain, he will get through.

    Kept on moving,
    Starlight Hope in hand,
    Years went by and that dim light grew.

    See that light shining so clearly?
    That boy right there?

    That boy,
    Is me.

    To a childhood memory.