• Friendship Through the Ages

    What's a forest without the trees?
    What's an ocean without a breeze?
    What's a river without the fish?
    What's a dream without a wish?

    What is the sky when it's not blue?
    What's a friendship without you?

    What is life without love?
    What is hope if not a dove?
    What's a home without a heart?
    What's a finish without a start?

    What's a sorrow without the tears?
    What's a friendship without the years?

    What's a story without the words?
    What's a flock without the birds?
    What are shadows without light?
    What is beauty without sight?

    Why must it end when it's only begun?
    Things have started to come undone.
    But because of this wonderful friend


    I think I've won.