• A cage that is with in me that locks my heart away I feel nothing and only see pain in the eyes of my loved one
    how I regret not be able to hold her gently within my
    arms he pulls her away in anger and hate I love her so the girl is my heart and the cage is myself
    I long for her I want to set her free and yet at the same time lock
    her away for me and only me. That girl that is my heart wont you come away with me?
    To a land pure and free? Even though it can not be so I still I will always long for
    her the girl that is my heart I will never given to the boy who is my friend and bitter enemy
    he wants her but I for longer and more I will never give in to
    my bitter enemy the girl that child will always and forever belong to me.

    -DuNoir Alixander-