• free me from my prision
    im trapped inside with no way out
    only you can free me

    i have shakels around my wrists with chains and doors locked
    my pain seems to be deep within me and never ending
    and i feel so alone

    i need your help
    take my hand
    and ill give you all my trust
    keep it safe don't lose it
    because its unreplacable

    now find the key
    unlcok all the doors, shakels,and chains
    then ill be yours like a precious gem
    or a delicate flower
    keep me close and protected,well taken care of
    because if im left alone for to long
    ill lose my shine
    i won't be as pretty
    ill return back to my prision
    with my trust i gave you shaddered
    shakels chains and doors all put back on and locked tight
    but don't worrk
    its not the first time someones left me alone..and you won't be the last