• I loved you, you loved me
    Did that mean we were meant to be?
    But I saw you with another girl
    She was tall, pretty, blond with curls
    She had everything I didn't need
    That moment made my heart bleed
    "It's not what it looks like" you yelled with fear
    I saw your lips move but I couldn't hear
    Why did you hurt me I had thought you were the one
    To get married with and have a daughter and a son
    Now I'm old, married, and happy
    But I still wonder what made you leave me?
    It doesn't matter anymore
    My heart has healed it's no longer sore
    I found the one and he's not you
    Now I stick to him, we're like paper and glue
    I loved you and you loved me
    But now I know, we were never meant to be