• "God Forsaken Hell"

    Pushed, Kicked, Shoved,
    It's what happens to me all the time,
    Ripped of my inner being,
    All I am good at is fleeing.

    I am picked at until nothing is left,
    Nothing but a small pathetic human,
    Hide, hiding from the world is what I do,
    Who am I? I have no clue.

    Suppressing my feelings,
    Not telling anyone what's really on my mind,
    I am not aloud to speak,
    For if I do, I become very weak.

    I scream for help,
    But nobody seems to hear me,
    What the heck is wrong?
    I just can't seem to stay strong.

    I am alone, nobody seems to notice me,
    If you see that petty person in a corner,
    Then that's me, or at least my shell,
    I am utterly alone in this god forsaken hell.

    ~Anime Freak