• It's like when you stand, solitary
    but you feel eyes groping your back
    The movement intuition overthrows logic
    When your mind laughs at the possibility
    but the hairs on your neck begin to believe
    It's elusive but so opaque when you catch it
    Like the stinging smell of a summer flame
    that teases your nostrils before crackling at your feet

    It's taken the measure of this anxiety
    to grasp the clarity to set it down
    that I never knew you, never should've tried
    You weren't worth the worry, time, or emotion
    My head couldn't deal with the swimming needles
    racing down to tap from my heart
    You tainted my naivety and found joy in the game
    And hope whatever God there is believes in karma

    To say it simply, you were beneath me
    No desperate stretch of pride of bitterness decided it
    Only you and your pretenses
    Because those who lie cheat do so to measure up
    and your multitudes admit that you cannot
    Don't ask me for sympathy or compassion
    when sparks are biting at your kneecaps
    Because my ears went deaf to your voice an eternity ago