• "Tampons and Thumbtacks"

    Walking into a walmart store
    My eyes glancing at the tile floor
    I didn't think that things like this happened any more

    My boyfriend had left me for this other chick
    She used to be my friend now she's acting really slick
    When I see them together I start to get sick

    On top of that my period came
    The way I saw things change..
    They just weren't the same

    Now alone walking to the tampon section
    I nervously eye their femine products selection
    Before pulling out the super sized
    Not wanting to be noticed as I walked on by

    Going to the check out line
    Everything just seemed to be fine
    Until the lady said," Price Check.Tampax aisle nine"

    My face flushed a deep red
    At what she screamed out not said
    But it got worse then that

    When the voice from behind the store yelled back
    He mistook it for a simple tacks
    The words he shouted changed the stores mood

    "Do you want the kind you push in with your thumb?
    Or smash in with a hammer?"
    The whole store broke out in laughter
    Noticing what I was really after

    Now even I end up with a smile
    Who would have thought that in a short while
    My stressful day would end up this way

    What started out stressful
    Has almost diminished
    Now my day's almost finished
    And I keep laughing

    Some things will never change
    Anybody else felt my pain
    Read this story and think again
    Humor hits the spot..my friend.